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WMF 2019: Ten Key Recommendations

  #WMF2019 has brought up different topics useful to the manufacturing sector. The conclusion of the Forum leaves us with ten interesting Recommendations. These inputs aim at working towards creating an educated and skilled manufacturing workforce now and in the future. Here the first five Key Recommendations: 1. Create a manufacturing market with a life - long learning mind - set: it aims at creating a workforce that proactively seeks...
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GEC #8 How to Create a Diverse Candidate Pool for Your Recruitments

Author: Ida Brynildsen – Scandinavia FMA GEC Representative We all know now that diversity in the workplace is important, both for improved bottom-line performance and the well-being of employees. Diversity starts with the “candidate-pool” you create at the beginning of your recruitment process, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find candidates with varied backgrounds – the first hundred hits you get on LinkedIn often show quite similar profiles,...
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