Future Manager Alliance for equal opportunities: IV Future Manager

“Young graduates on their way from university to career: a focus on gender diversity”

Living up to its own social role, Future Manager Recruitment, the italian founder member of Future Manager Alliance, has been working on the study of Italian young graduates’ employment situation for some years.

On the 17th of November 2017 in Milan, FMA presented the report of Future Manager Social Research IV, a national research on gender equality and young graduates’ employment condition, named “Young graduates on their way from university to career: a focus on gender diversity”.

Event brochure available here: Download brochure

Although women are now leading players in the labour market, several cultural prejudices still prevent them to make a career and to reach top managerial positions (glass ceiling). This research aims to assess young graduates’ behaviours and their perceptions of university career as well as working environment in order to compare results between men and women.

This IV Research considers also the international dimension. At the conference, besides the research results presentation, round tables and debates will be held. Corporate and institutional representatives from all over the world will take part to the conference and will share their personal experiences.

For further information and conference details, please contact:
Annalisa Ronconi, External Relations Office, Future Manager Alliance